Our closings: seamless.

Our closing department is a perfect example of how we have structured our practice specifically for the municipal bond business. Our paraprofessionals, most with over two decades of experience, assist attorneys with pre-closing, closing and post-closing logistics, relieving the stress and anxiety that can accompany a bond closing. 

Our disclosure analysts are specially trained paralegals who are instrumental in our official statement drafting process.

Closing Coordinators

Jay S. Campbell

Tamara Bishop

Mary Tong

Vincent Truong

Connie Wong

Disclosure Analysts

Mlenya Donner

Jay S. Campbell Closing Coordinator

Tel 415-391-5780
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Tamara Bishop Closing Coordinator

Tel 415 391 5780 x 207
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Mary Tong Closing Coordinator

Tel 415 391 5780 x 257
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Vincent Truong Closing Coordinator

Tel 415 391 5780 x 233
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Connie Wong Closing Coordinator

Tel 415 391 5780 x 244
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Mlenya Donner Disclosure Analyst

Tel 415 391 5780 x 212
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