West Hollywood Park Master Plan and Library


City of West Hollywood


West Hollywood Park Master Plan and Library

The City opened the West Hollywood Library in 2011, as a key component of the West Hollywood Park Master Plan. Phase I of the Master Plan involved a new 44,000 square foot, state-of-the-art library and City Council complex, as well as 2.5 acres of increased parkland and green space, new tennis courts and 400 parking spaces in two municipal garages. Phase II of the Master Plan included additional park open space, development of a new recreation and community center with gymnasium and park support facilities, and children’s playground areas.

The Story

Jones Hall acted as bond and disclosure counsel to the City of West Hollywood and the West Hollywood Public Financing Authority in connection with the financing of Phase 1 of the West Hollywood Park Master Plan in 2009 (a traditional series of tax-exempt lease revenue bonds and a series of lease revenue bonds issued as federally taxable Build America Bonds) and Phase II in 2016 (tax-exempt lease revenue bonds).


Responsible Attorneys

Josh Anzel

Chris Lynch