We are devoted to the single goal of assisting local governments with their financing needs.  Jones Hall is the largest California law firm devoted solely to public finance and its special requirements.  We serve primarily as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriter’s counsel and, under certain circumstances, issuer’s counsel and special tax counsel.

All municipal finance, all the time.

We attribute our success to the responsive service we provide to each and every client, whether their issues are big or small, whether they are frequent or infrequent issuers. Our service is bolstered by the intentional design of our offices, where the attorneys and staff critical to an issue are easily accessible to each other. This promotes collaboration and allows for the synergy needed to share ideas and provide assistance.  When you hire Jones Hall, you have the full resources of the firm at your service.

Active. Experienced.

Jones Hall is one of the most active municipal finance firms in the country, having represented over 1,100 California public entities as bond or disclosure counsel since the firm’s founding in 1978. Our attorneys’ depth and breadth of experience, and the resulting knowledge and creativity we bring to the structuring of transactions, sets Jones Hall apart.

We are particularly proud of our dedicated tax department, which includes two full-time attorneys who specialize in the federal tax laws governing municipal bonds. The department head, David Walton, is a recognized expert in the field, and a past board member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers.


We appreciate Jones Hall's attention to detail.  They operate like an elegant, well-oiled machine, always with their client’s success in mind.


— Patricia Deignan, Chief Deputy Attorney, San Jose (retired)